Why Buy Glass Lenses?

Prescription Sunglasses With Glass Lense

Prescription Glass Sunglasses are considered the Gold Standard of all sunglass lenses. Real glass sunglass lenses are used in all of the top-of-the-line sunglass brands such as Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, Costa Delmar, Serengeti and Revo. Follow the link below to see our full line of Glass Sunglass options.

Why Choose Glass?

Traditional myths concerning glass as a choice for lens material no longer apply as glass lenses have become thinner and lighter, and high index glass lenses will handle the stronger prescriptions that are common in near-sightedness without the increased thickness. The many reasons why glass lenses are making a comeback include: Glass lenses offer superior clarity and optics. Clarity is a measure of the transparency of a material and the distinction of objects that appear when viewed through that material. Glass offers the least distortion of images due to the inherent optical nature of glass; this feature results in higher eye comfort for detailed work or for those that wear their eyeglasses all day.

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- Ryan Novitski

"These guys are one of the best in the biz and still offer GLASS Rx lenses. yeah GLASS which means PGX and PGXtra or what is commonly referred to as photogray. Their lab knows what they’re doing and their customer service keeps me coming back time after time for all my family’s eyewear need."

- Will